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HHS Virtual Assistant

Freelance Writing

Bio Pages, Press Releases, News Articles, Promotional Articles, Edit Articles, Create Blog, Write Blog Entries, Edit Blog Entries

Social Media

Upload Video to YouTube or Other Video Platforms, Convert YouTube Video to MP3, WAV, or AIFF File, Convert Low Quality Audio to CD Quality Audio, Upload files to CDBaby or DistroKid for Distribution, Convert MP4 to MP3, Convert SD Video to HD Video. Convert WMV files to MP4

Website Design

Design Web Sites, Design Web Pages, Edit Web Pages, Upload Articles and Videos to Website, Edit HTML and WIKI Code, Create Charts and Tables for Web Pages in HTML and WIKI

Writing Songs

Create Meanigful Lyrics, Create Melodies for Lyrics, Create Music Video, Prepare Song to be Sent to CDBaby or DistroKid for Distribution


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